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california compliant terpenes and flavors

These products qualify as natural terpenes and elligble for use under the DCC regulations! Looking for a custom blend? Hit us up! 

Top Selection Of California Compliant Terpenes

Over time, regulations change within the cannabis industry in different states. The California DCC (Department of Cannabis Control) released new regulation in November of 2022 that qualifies what flavors and terpenes can be used for inhaled products.

These new regulations defined California compliant terpenes and what can and cannot be included in terpenes used for manufacturing in the state. In the new definition of terpenes, the DCC now includes, “terpenes, terpenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, and other naturally occurring phytochemicals and secondary metabolites contributing to the aroma or flavor of cannabis.”

The most important consideration is that flavors used in vapes must be naturally occurring, prohibiting the use of flavorings that would not be found naturally in cannabis plants. This includes the candy flavors and other synthetic flavors that have been added to vapes and other inhaled cannabis products in the state.

Xtra Laboratories California Compliant Terpenes

We offer a significant number of terpenes that are naturally flavored and fully compliant with DCC regulation changes. This includes our live resin line of terpenes, which feature the amazingly rich and distinct flavors obtained from flash freezing and cold pressure extraction from live cannabis plants.

As a leader in the industry in producing our live resin California compliant terpenes, our customers in California are fully in step with the new regulation changes.

Our full spectrum terpenes are also compliant with the new DCC regulations and offer the benefits of the full entourage effect. Our botanical lines of Calm, Uplift, Sleep, and Focus are also excellent choices for our customers in California. Xtra Laboratories also offers many of our Fusion line products that meet the specification of the new regulations.

For assistance with your order or to verify any compliance with California regulations before ordering, reach Xtra Laboratories at 480-968-6569 or send us an email for verification.