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terpenes & flavors

Exceptional Selection Of Terpene Flavors

Xtra Laboratories is an award-winning provider of the best premium-quality terpene flavors available today. We’ve optimized our ingredient list and every production input to create consistently high-quality flavored terpenes for consumer enjoyment.

We’re at the forefront of terpene innovation, creating the first live resin terpene flavors sourced from top licensed producers in Arizona. We use our unique background and experience in the cannabis industry to create quality live resins and food grade terpenes that add exceptional value and quality to your products.

Natural and High Purity

We offer a top-shelf selection of Sativa and Indica terpenes. Our botanical blends duplicate the smell of the cannabis flower and replicate the flavors of THC terpenes for classic and new strains. We craft over two hundred flavors and terpene blends in-house, ensuring top quality and consistency with every order.

Our live resin blends contain cannabis derived terpenes and botanical isolates. The result is a superior product featured in the best vapes on the market. You can add our terpenes to existing vape carts to level them up or use them as a foundation for new products.  If your needs are more niche, we can work with you to create custom flavors and blends and have them ready for you in 7 business days.

We make the best terpenes for carts, making it easy to upgrade any existing products you are manufacturing to add more flavor and a premium user experience. Our infused terpenes provide the strain's flavor on the inhale and a fruit flavor on the exhale.

Browse through our top selection of THC terpenes for vape products. If you are interested in custom terpene flavors, blends, or fusions, contact our team online or call Xtra Laboratories at 480-968-6569 to discuss your next terpene order.