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Introducing our Full Spectrum line up! These high quality terpene blends start with our award winning, all-natural, botanical terpene formulations which are then infused with organic, hemp derived terpenes! Elevate your session with our full spectrum terpene line up and xperience a true flavor profile with noticeably increased body effects. Xperience the difference with our Full Spectrum strain specific terpenes!

- 51 strains available with 100% consistency from batch to batch.

- Over 100 terpenes and additional flavonoids used in each blend for a complex xperience. 

- Earthy, smooth, & natural.

High Quality Full Spectrum Terpenes

Xtra Laboratories has expanded our selection of terpenes to include a line of full spectrum terpenes. We have both Indica and Sativa dominant strains that feature a range of hemp terpenes offering a variety of flavor profiles.

As with all of our products, Xtra Laboratories hemp derived terpenes are organic and 100% botanical. To ensure the quality of all our products, we do not use synthetics in our premium quality terpene blends. In addition, our terpene blends are free from PG, VG, PEG, MCT oil, or any other types of dilutants or carriers. This means a high purity, high quality blend that is consistent in formulation and offers superior performance.

Quality Hemp Terpenes for Sale

Unfortunately, not all full spectrum hemp terpenes are created the same, which can lead to inconsistencies in using the terpenes in your manufacturing and formulations. At Xtra Laboratories, we avoid this issue by starting out with quality botanicals and rigorous testing.

Our Indica and Sativa dominant full spectrum terpenes contain over one hundred different botanical and natural terpenes in unique formulations. Our line of hemp terpenes for sale contains zero THC, so it will not impact any formulation or create challenges in staying in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill regulations.

Like all of our terpene blends and flavors, the full spectrum terpenes are food grade, follow G.R.A.S processes, and are formulated and manufactured in the United States.

Xtra Laboratories offers classic terpenes such as Runtz, Jack Herer, and Sour Diesel, as well as hard-to-find strains like Pink Mamba and Ectocooler.

If you need assistance with ordering any of our terpenes or flavors, reach the Xtra Laboratories team online or by phone at 480-968-6569.