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Ready to bring your products to the next level? Our highly anticipated & industry first live resin products are now available!

xtra works with only the best licensed producers in our state to source the finest live resin on the market. We send this top shelf starting material through a highly sophisticated & proprietary system and end up with the real liquid gold filtrate everyone is after! This uber premium fraction is then combined with our live resin botanical blends for consistency and authenticity. These all natural blends create a level of sophistication typically unattainable with live resin by itself. Xperience the difference and create cutting edge products with our luxe live resin terpenes.

- Live resin sourced from licensed producers and third party panel tested.

- All natural blends that provide a level of complexity not found with regular live resin applications.

The Benefits Of Live Resin Terpenes

Live resin terpenes are becoming more popular in the terpene market. Live resin is derived from a live, fresh, uncured cannabis plant, which means that the terpenes and cannabinoids are not exposed to heat or curing. Instead, the plant is flash-frozen before the extraction occurs.

The extraction uses a cold solvent and pressure to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes, leaving a very accurate flavor profile. In addition to an intense flavor profile, live resin terpenes also offer a rich aroma, which makes it a fan favorite for vaping.

Our Live Resin Terpenes

Xtra Laboratories is an industry leader in live terpene resin. We make sure to only partner only with top licensed producers, ensuring the best quality live plants before the flash freezing and extraction process. The result is the best live resin terpenes available today.

We combined the live resin terpenes with our live resin botanical blends to create an authentic flavor and aroma profile that is distinctive and accurate to every strain we offer. Through our quality controlled blending process, each order of live resin terpenes offers exceptional consistency and purity that results in the highest quality product available.

Xtra Laboratories offers individual bottles of our live resin terpenes in a variety of Indica dominant and Sativa dominant strains. For wholesalers, these live resin products are available in bulk deals, allowing you to purchase a combination of live resin strains and earn free bottles based on the size of the order.

For more information on any of our terpenes, including our live resin selection, reach Xtra Laboratories by phone at 480-968-6569, or send us a message online.