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why xtra?

 California Compliant Terpenes

 Xtra Laboratories was founded in 2016 by three cannabis professionals who met while managing a top tier medical dispensary in Arizona. We quickly created a name as a quality focused group. While building and managing the dispensary, the focus was to be the first medical access point that had a strict intake process for all products. Third party test results were required and every batch of flower was inspected by microscope before purchase. These steps helped guarantee we were carrying safe and effective medicine for our patient base. Our group saw the importance of setting standards in an uncontrolled market. This focus was then carried over when Xtra Laboratories was started. As a dispensary management team we helped brands and cultivators build better standards and produce higher quality products. After listening to thousands of patient consultations, we had unique insight into what exactly the market was missing. Our diverse background between extraction, cultivation, and product development formed a powerful group with complimenting abilities. The first extractions and product creations yielded results we knew people were in dire need of. Our previous industry experience and contacts gave many groups the confidence to quickly start using our products. After providing many brand consultations with success, we no longer had the time to manage dispensaries and continue to provide the industry with the help we knew it needed. Xtra Laboratories went into full production with a lab and showroom in Tempe, AZ.

 Infused Terpenes

Xtra Labs Industry Focus  

The vape segment of the industry was where we focused due to the industry suffering from poor hardware choices, ineffective product formulations, and bad ingredients. These issues inspired the minds at Xtra Laboratories to start producing botanical terpene blends that were all natural and high purity.  Recreating the cannabis flower's smell and flavor profile through an in-house genetic mapping process and unique extraction methods, we effectively produce the best terpene blends available on the market. Only the highest quality, highest purity terpene isolates available are sourced from GMP facilities.
In 2018 we launched our flagship line of full spectrum cannabis terpene infused blends. Each blend has been carefully recreated using all natural terpene isolates and cannabis hemp terpenes. These new to market blends have breathed new life into stagnated brands that were losing market share. 

Fuego CBD

Xtra Laboratories continues to carve new paths and create fresh products the industry has not seen.  Our newest fusion line of strain and fruit flavor pairings show our companies industry intuition. Our competition is constantly mimicking our products long after ours have been available.  Xtra will continue to be the industry's terpene leader for innovation.  

Xtra Laboratories’ technical abilities and advancements also have branched into other sectors of the market beyond terpenes, flavors and vape products.  In 2017, Fuego CBD was launched as our in house CBD brand. We offer a wide range of products from salves, vapes, and tinctures, to water soluble cbd for internal and external applications.  Our CBD emulsifications are all done with cavitation to ensure the smallest particle size is guaranteed, to maximize the efficiency of absorption. We believe it's not how much CBD is in the product but what can actually be absorbed.  Our nano water soluble CBD was created to ensure a natural safe way to efficiently take CBD with immediate results. We believe this product is the future of CBD and shows the insight and technical abilities of our lab team.  

Food Grade Terpenes


Why Use Xtra Labs?

  • 200+ flavors and terpene blends created in house

  • Quick turnaround time on large orders and custom flavors (typically 3-5 business days)

  • Industry leader in new products and formulations

  • Oil soluble terpenes and flavors

  • Full transparency on what products we make contain flavors in them unlike many other terpene companies who don't disclose that info

  • Work with a quality driven group with great customer satisfaction

  • Trade secrets and formulas are never shared or discussed.  Our partners are kept confidential and information will never be shared

  • Currently working with many cannabis companies world wide

  • California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Michigan compliant in vape cartridges

  • Third party testing done on isolates to evaluate pesticides, heavy metals, and trace solvents

  • In house genetic mapping process to produce accurate cannabis profiles 

  • Custom product formulations with terpene blends and flavors with zero development cost

  • White label CBD product manufacturer

  • Leader in CBD product innovation

  • Industry experienced team with over 10 years of dispensary work

  • Inventory tracking used with lot numbers

  • SDS sheets and COA's available upon request

  • 6,000 sq ft manufacturing facility and showroom

Custom Terpenes


Strain Specific Botanical Blends

  • Food grade

  • Made only from botanical sources

  • Made with terpene isolates sourced from GMP facilities

  • No synthetics are ever used

  • 63 botanical blends available 

  • Blends contain large range of isolates that differ greatly among each strain 

  • Unique flowers hunted to gather only the highest quality cuts producing the best terpene profiles

  • 30-40 isolates used in creation of each botanical blends

  • High purity at a great price

  • Botanical formulations are between 5-8% allowing for lower material cost per cartridge compared to other brands

Hemp Terpenes 

Full Spectrum 

  • Over 100 terpenes and additional flavonoids in each blend

  • 30 full spectrum blends available

  • Oil soluble

  • Essential trace plant resins and undetectable properties only found in Cannabis

  • A consistent reproducible and reliable cannabis terpene based product

  • Hits many endocannabinoid receptors below the neck 

  • Similar to the effect of Cannabis flowers or full spectrum concentrate

  • Relieves the short lived behind the eyes sensation of distillate cartridges

  • Hemp terpenes are made from industrial hemp varieties through vacuum and steam distillation

  • Earthy, smooth, natural and less harsh than botanical blends

  • Reduction of sneezy, nose tingling, or harsh throat sensations

  • Formulations can exceed 4-8% because of the smooth nature of the full spec blends


Fruit Flavors 

  • No PG, PEG, VG, triacetin, sweeteners, preservatives or color agents used

  • High purity

  • Unique custom flavors only found at xtra laboratories

  • Cold extraction methods used to ensure no alteration of the fruit flavor

  • Consistent from batch to batch with batch numbers

  • 5-10% can be used with range depending upon desired palate strength

  • Oil soluble

  • Contains trace ethanol for stability.  5-10% formulations will be state compliant.  

  • Food grade

  • Great for edibles or cannabis products that need flavor masking

  • All natural candy flavors

  • Nostalgic flavors that induce strong childhood memories that resonate deeply with customers


Fusion Line

  • Botanical strain blends and fruit flavors are paired in complementing quantities differing greatly from one blend to another

  • Strain on the inhale and fruit on the exhale

  • Best of both worlds for consumers that cant decide between terpenes and flavors

  • Strong complex palate experience where trace flavors are detected long after exhale 

  • Creates the missing flavonoids in blends that cannabis plants have to begin with

  • 10 available fusion options

  • Separates in the bottle but will not separate in a cartridge or cause cloudiness

  • Expertly crafted to recreate the flavors that accompany cannabis strains without seeming artificial

  • Many variations were tested and were never put into production ensuring the ten we currently have are simply amazing 

  • These blends are typically used in 5-9% formulations 


White Label CBD Product Creation 

  • We can create our Fuego CBD products with no label for your brand

  • Minimum order $500

  • Custom product formulations

  • .5g 200mg CBD distillate cartridges THC free starting at $15 wholesale

  • Custom glass Jupiter Research hardware not currently available anywhere else

  • No filler are used in our cartridges just terpenes and CBD distillate

  • Bulk pricing available

  • All of our terpenes and flavors are available with 25 cartridge min per flavor or strain

  • Our offerings include tintures, salves, vapes, topicals, water soluble products and pet products

  • CBD capsules and water soluble capsules available 


Custom Flavor and Terpene product Creation 

  • No associated cost with custom product development

  • Simple design process streamlines time involved

  • A sample of flower or existing product formula is all we need to recreate a custom product for you

  • After sample approval is complete a minimum order of an 8oz bottle is required to start production

  • Your flavor or blend will not be sold or advertised and kept confidential

  • Seasonal and exclusive releases 

  • Fast turnaround times usually within 5-7 business days

  • In house genetic mapping capabilities

  • Flavor mimicking


Industry presence & Future Events 

  • 2017 710* Errl Cup Best Patient CBD cartridge

  • 2017 Red Rock HempFest

  • 2017 MJBizCon Las Vegas

  • 2017 U.S. Cannabis Conference AZ

  • 2018 Errl Cup AZ

  • 2018 710* Errl Cup AZ

  • 2018 HempCon AZ

  • 2018 US Cannabis Conference AZ 

  • 2018 MJBzCon Las Vegas

  • 2019 MJBizCon Las Vegas

  • 2021 MJBizCon Las Vegas


  • 2022 MJBizCon Las Vegas